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Governance and Board of Directors

Our Why Statement

What makes us human is the drive to self-determination. When people lose this drive due to injustices such as trauma, poverty, exclusion and discrimination, FSWE provides support to build resiliency and restore people’s ability to choose their own place in the world.

Our Mission

Supporting Communities and Families; Strengthening People.

Our Vision

Healthy, resilient and connected people, families and communities.


2018-2020 Value Statements

We Deliver Excellent Customer Service. We provide the highest quality of care to members of the community.

We Provide Trauma Informed Care. We are aware of how common trauma is for all people.

We Promote Wellness and Social Inclusion. We help to remove barriers to assist people to participate in society.

We are Committed to Quality.  We strive to do our best at all times.

We Employ Qualified, Competent Staff. Our staff deliver excellent, trauma-informed, high-quality care.

We Communicate with Each Other.  We provide services in a coordinated fashion.

We Respect Each Other. We respect each other as colleagues and value each other’s work.

We are Committed To Continuous Learning.  We improve as individuals and an organization by making learning part of our day-to-day work.



Board of Directors


  • Renée Thibert
  • Kim Harris
    Vice President
  • Michael Cooke
  • Mike Pocock
    Past President

Directors at Large:

  • Judy Aikman-Springer
  • Larry Dumouchelle
  • Karen Farbota
  • Jamie Genik


Our Accreditations, Professional Affiliations and Designations

Accredited by Canadian Centre for Accreditation

Accredited by Canadian Centre for Accreditation

Member of Family Services Canada

Member of Family Services Canada

Member of Family Services Ontario

Member of Family Services Ontario

Positive Space Designation - Diverse, Inclusive, Accepting, Welcoming, Safe Space for Everyone

Safe Space Designation



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