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Do you need counselling or support?

We help individuals, couples and families manage life challenges, resolve conflicts, handle addiction issues, address marriage/relationship concerns, etc. Walk-in counselling services are available throughout Windsor and Essex County on a first-come first-serve basis. Call us today 1-888-933-1831.

“I wanted to talk with someone but didn’t know where to turn. I called Family Services and a friendly voice said they had counselling on different days, times and places across Windsor and Essex County.
When I met with the counselor, we talked about my worries and I left with some good ideas and a little less anxiety. I was very pleased with Family Services and know that I can make another appointment if I need it.
If you want to talk, call Family Services Windsor-Essex. They can help.”

Family Services Windsor-Essex can help you:

• Deal with feelings of stress, sadness, anger, fear and anxiety
• Manage personal, relationship, marriage and family issues in your life
• Handle finances, housing and independence concerns
• Get professional guidance and support
• Connect with support services you may need
• Learn new coping skills to handle arising challenges as you more forward
• Choose your own place in the world

How Much will it Cost for Counselling?

Counselling fees are based on your income, household size and ability to pay. Subsidies are available for those who qualify. Workplace benefit plans may also cover your counselling sessions.

To learn more, call: 1-888-931-1831

Services offered in French / Les services sont offerts en français

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