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Counselling Services

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Everyone needs support at some time in their life.  Our qualified counsellors can help you work through your concerns, develop new coping skills and build self-resiliency to help you move forward through whatever your stage of life. Our counsellors use several therapeutic interventions with a recognition of the goals and values of each person we have the privilege of serving, including an emphasis on growth and development and assisting people with situational change.

We offer individual, couples and family (including children’s and youth) counselling services in such areas as marriage, addiction, depression, anxiety, sexuality, separation, divorce, parenting, trauma, self-esteem and emotional regulation and overall wellness. Family Services Windsor-Essex offers our services at locations across Windsor and Essex County. Our counselling fees are affordable as we are committed to ensuring that no one is turned away due to their inability to pay (see below for more on fees).

Family Services Windsor-Essex is a place where human rights are respected and where the 2SLGBTQIA+ community are welcomed and supported. Professional counselling services available for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.  Family Services Windsor-Essex offers compassionate and non-judgmental support for individuals, their partners, family members and caregivers.

If you need to talk, we are here to help. Contact us today:  1-888-933-1831.


How does it work?

Our Qualified Counselor will:

  • Meet privately with you and talk about your issues
  • Help you decide what issues to work on together
  • Discuss your challenges and opportunities
  • Help you decide on action steps to move forward in your life
  • Connect you with other Community Agencies, as needed
  • Support you while you take your first steps
  • Help you deal with any new issues that may arise
  • Help you cope with changes in your life

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Who We Help

Choose the type of counselling service that works best for you:

Talking with a Counselor can help You:

  • Reduce feelings of sadness, anger, fear, anxiety
  • Learn new coping skills to manage your issues
  • Get life coaching to better handle various stages of your life
  • Know that you have professional support
  • Connect you with other services, as needed

Professional Counselling When You Need It:

  • Available for individuals, couples, families, teens and children
  • Walk-in, Appointments and Group Counselling available
  • Short or long-term support based on your needs
  • Referral to other Community Agencies, when needed

Counselling works best if You:

  • Are open and honest with your counselor
  • Trust that talking about your feelings and thoughts is important
  • Understand that change takes time and effort from you
  • Are ready to follow through on decisions made
    by you during counselling
  • Come on time for appointments and be ready
    to work with your Counselor

Our Qualified Counselors:

  • Focus on your growth and development
  • Facilitate your overall well-being and resilience
  • Have a broad range of clinical expertise and real-life experience
  • Can support you to work on a wide range of issues
  • Are Members of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers with at minimum a University Master’s degree

Take action to move forward in your life. Contact us today at 1-888-933-1831.

Fees for Counselling Services?

Our Counselling Program is committed to ensuring that no one is turned away due to their inability to pay for service.

Affordable counselling fees are determined through a sliding scale that is based on household income, family size and ability to pay.

Counselling services may be free to you if:

  • You are covered by your workplace Employee Assistance Program, 
  • You are covered by a health care benefit package, or
  • You qualify for a financial subsidy (100% subsidies are widely available for people unable to pay)

Regular counselling fees range from:

  • Free to $20 for Group Counselling Sessions
  • Free to $95 for Walk-in Counselling Clinic or Scheduled Counselling Appointments

Visa, Mastercard, Cash and Debit are accepted.
Call us at 1-888-933-1831 for more information


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Looking for other counselling options?

Call 519-258-0247 or go to 211 for more information on local services.




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