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Group Counselling

Our Group Counselling Programs use relevant and evidenced-based therapeutic formats to promote personal awareness and growth.  Our group programs provide training to help you make substantial changes in your life towards your desired outcomes.  We offer both treatment and psycho-educational groups. See below for current group outlines.

Group Counselling:

  • Small Groups (8-12 participants), led by our Qualified Counselors
  • Available to adults (18 years and older)
  • One to two hour sessions for six weeks, unless otherwise noted
  • Held in a safe, private and comfortable location
  • In the first week, you will
    • Learn about the group’s outline, participation guidelines and confidentiality
    • Decide with the Counselor if the group is right for you


Contact us to find out when groups are scheduled, which sessions allow walk-in participation and which sessions have registration requirements.

Woman talking in group therapy

Current Group Counselling Programs

Wellness Drop-in Program

Join one of our ongoing Group Wellness Counselling Sessions.  Learn coping skills to manage daily challenges and deal with current or past issues. Topics covered:  Sense of Self; Boundaries and Communication; Anxiety and Stress; Depression and Anger. Psycho-educational methodology.

The Wellness Drop-in Program consists of 90 minute group counselling sessions offered on an ongoing 4-week rotation cycle.  Join anytime.

Stress Busting Through Mindfulness

Improve your overall well-being by learning about stress and practicing mindfulness meditation techniques. Participants will learn the 7 conditions necessary to properly practice mindfulness. Participants will leave with 6 mindfulness meditation skills and become more resilient in their daily life. Psycho-educational methodology

Learning to Manage Your Anxiety

Learn how anxiety works in three key areas (thoughts, feelings and behaviours). Learn to control your anxiety so it does not control you.  We will teach you practical strategies and relaxation techniques to effectively cope with and reduce anxiety. Therapeutic (treatment) methodology.

Effective Coping for Depression

Learn how depression affects us, including the contributors to depression (thoughts, feelings and behaviours). We will teach you coping and mindfulness skills; help you build positive behaviours; and develop self-care strategies to manage depression, improve overall mood and support your well-being. Therapeutic (treatment) methodology.

Enhancing Women’s Self-Esteem

Learn about key elements of healthy self-esteem and practical methods to strengthen behaviours associated with positive self-esteem. Enhance your self-esteem by learning about: healthy assertiveness in relationships; how to effectively say ‘no’; and how to manage arising issues in daily life. Therapeutic (treatment) methodology.

Cultivating Men’s Self-Worth

Learn the 10 key elements to developing healthy self-esteem, including the examination of thoughts, body image, communication style and relationships. Participants will have the opportunity to practice the training throughout the program in order to increase their own sense of self-worth. Psycho-educational methodology.

Women’s Anger Resolution

Learn the cost of unhealthy anger to yourself and your relationships. Participants will learn to recognize arising feelings and thoughts; develop tools to manage these effectively with constructive problem solving techniques.  Practice will include: creating healthy boundaries, developing effective outlets for emotions and communicating better with others. Therapeutic (treatment) methodology.

“Out of the Red” Men’s Anger Resolution

Learn the cost of unhealthy anger. Participants will learn to recognize early warning signs of emerging unhealthy anger, feelings and thoughts. Learn emotional regulation through the practice of creating healthy boundaries, developing effective outlets for emotions and communicating better with others. Note: This group is for men who have not been violent to persons, pets, or property. Psycho-educational methodology.

5 week session

Couples Communication

Develop a healthier relationship by learning active listening skills, supportive communication techniques and effective conflict resolution methods. Learn to increase emotional intimacy through daily acknowledgement, creating balance within the relationship, and paying attention to respect and appreciation. Psycho-educational methodology.

5 week session

Parents Transitioning through Separation or Divorce

Learn to move on with life, while helping your children deal with separation or divorce. This program includes: improving family communications, enhancing listening skills, building everyone’s self-esteem, positive conflict resolution, effective shared parenting and anxiety reduction. Psycho-educational methodology.

Group Counselling can help you:

Work through issues as part of a group

  • Share your feelings and experiences in a safe place
  • Realize you are not alone, that others have similar issues

Learn how thoughts, feelings and
moods affect your life

  • Become more aware of your own thoughts, feelings, moods and needs
  • Begin to recognize the effect of these on your daily life

Learn Healthier Thinking and Actions

  • Learn new skills to manage your issues and concerns
  • Practice Mindfulness and Coping Exercises
  • Develop Self-Care Habits for Personal Well-being

Gain Confidence to take action
between group counselling sessions

  • Try out what you learn
  • Build on your progress and deal with setbacks


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