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Financial Fitness Services during Covid-19

Many Canadians feel like their life has been upended by Covid-19, causing them additional worries around finances, debt and credit issues. Surveys showed that financial worries were the largest cause of stress for Canadian families before the Covid-19 situation and the current uncertainty has only compounded these issues.

During these challenging times, know that Financial Fitness is here to help guide you and your family with free, confidential and unbiased advice.  While our office is closed for in-person meetings, we are still here for telephone counselling/coaching sessions.

Please contact us today to set up an appointment with a Financial Counsellor at

1-877-777-9218 or

Helping you manage your current situation and

put your financial plans in place for post Covid-19.

Here are some steps to take to help reduce your financial stress and worries at this time.

  1. Bring awareness to all of your spending. Avoid coping with stress, boredom and isolation with non-essential online shopping.
  2. Cut out all unessential household spending. Create a Spending Plan. See Spending and Shopping Tips. A plan can help you make better decisions about how to spend your money.
  3. Create a Weekly Menu Plan. Take the guesswork out of dinner. Plan meals based on what you have on hand, or can access affordably, easily and safely.
  4. Look to creating an Emergency Budget Plan to ensure you are clear on your current financial situation and accessing all available financial support.
  5. If you worry that you cannot manage your payments, call your creditors to discuss deferring, or reducing them. Get support from Financial Fitness to get started.


Free Financial Information Resources


  1. Covid19 Financial & General Info Sheet Updated 8-5-2020
  2. Prosper Canada – Financial Relief Navigator – English
  3. Prosper Canada – Financial Relief Navigator – French
  4. Covid19 Specific Frauds and Scams
  5. Financial Tips
  6. Emergency Budget Planning
  7. Spending and Shopping Tips
  8. Budget Planning Template
  9. Weekly Menu Planner
  10. Financial Record Organization
  11. Additional Financial Fitness Resources

More info on FSWE’s Financial Fitness program and services available here.

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