Our Mission

Mission Statement

Supporting communities and families; strengthening people.

Our Vision

Healthy, resilient, connected people, families and communities.

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Principles and Values


By working with other organizations, we maximize our resources and the outcomes for the people we support.


The organization is open and accountable to the community, the people we support, volunteers, partners and funders.


People have the right to direct their life, establish their own goals and be supported to maintain their dignity.


The organization fosters a culture that embraces innovation, continuous learning and improvement.


People are accepted for their differences and receive services tailored to their unique needs.


We provide quality advocacy to eliminate barriers in systems that prevent people from receiving the services they need.


Because a person's needs change, we provide individualized supports that are flexible, timely and compassionate.

Agency Philosophy

The concerns/issues for the people we support should be served with complete regard for their individual needs without discrimination and with the objective of giving everyone the opportunity to return to their right of self-reliance and self-respect.

Therefore, our objectives are:

  1. To offer services to families and individuals for the purpose of creating and maintaining a healthy life;
  2. To promote a healthy community life and overall positive well-being;
  3. To encourage education and training for staff;
  4. Generally, to develop, encourage and work for the welfare of the family and individual and the best interests of society in all matter affecting individual, family and community life.

Services offered in French / Les services sont offerts en français

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