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CommUnity Partnership

CUP is an FSWE program to revitalize neighbourhoods in Windsor, and support community growth and development.

First launched in 2005, and now part of FSWE, CUP works to reduce residents’ depth of poverty by addressing gaps in services and enhancing opportunities in six areas of a person’s life: mental and physical health, advocacy and access to networks, education, recreation, food security, and community sharing and mobilization.

About CUP

CUP’s purpose is to revitalize neighbourhoods, build resilience, and create a healthy, supportive community for all through effective community partnerships.

CUP’s programming is offered through four types of relationships that we create with our service users, residents in the neighbourhoods we work in, and agencies with whom we work closely with throughout the city:

  • Civic engagement
  • Community resources
  • Resident Committees and Student Partnerships
  • Field Education and Service Learning with an interdisciplinary approach

After School Programs

Glengarry Homework Club

Hours: Monday – Thursday, 4-5pm.

Location: 495 Glengarry Ave, Thompson Tower, 1st Floor.

United Way, in partnership with CUP, offers a free after-school program designed for children ages 5-12. The program offers help in math, literacy, and other general homework.

Contact information: [email protected] or 519 – 966 – 8203 or

Reginald After School Programs

Contact Information: (226) 340-4954 or


Hours: Monday – Thursday, 3:30pm – 4:45pm


STARS is an afterschool program for children ages 6-10 years old, that focuses on improving their social skills in a nurturing and safe environment. A supportive team of caring adults provide structured activities for the children while allowing freedom to choose from different activities such as art, music, board games, or anything that is of interest to them. Some of the weekly activities include WE-STEAM (Windsor Essex – Science Technology Engineering Art Math) from the United Way, baking programs, homework help, social skills programming, and movie nights.

READY Overview

Hours: Monday – Thursday, 3:30pm-6:30pm


READY is an afterschool program for youth ages 11-17 years old. This program is focused on improving social and life skills while existing in a nurturing and safe environment. A supportive team of caring adults provide an environment for the youth that promotes healthy conversation about all topics. The youth participate in evenings consisting of conversation, playing board games, homework help, cooking meals for themselves and their peers, enjoying movies and any other social/life skills the youth express interest in.  

Jumpstart Skateboard Program



About the program  

Other Programs and Services

Food Security

CUP has been involved with creating a community garden, making site meals, coordinating food distribution, facilitating vegetable drop-offs, organizing community BBQs and luncheons, and hosting cooking classes.

Health & Well-being

Activities or events that CUP has helped curate that promote the health and well-being of service users include hosting a Wellness Day, a Health Fair, Blood-Pressure Clinics, delivering Counselling Services, Crisis Intervention, Case Management, Problem-Solving, Anger Management Groups, Music Therapy, Health Awareness Presentations, HIV and STI Testing Campaigns, Free Haircuts by St. Clair College, Mental Health Screening, Prostate Awareness, Diabetes Awareness, Pharmacy Visits, Personal Hygiene Awareness, Clothing Drive


CUP works with service users to teach them Job Search and Resume skills, delivered Settlement Services, Homework Clubs, Computer Literacy, Educational Field Trips, English Conversational Groups health fairs, parenting classes, Partner Assault Response Program, Cultural Celebrations, Information Workshops, and Legal Clinic Representation.


CUP advocates with (and on behalf of) its service users to organize office hours, Counselling, Forms clinics, Referrals, Case Finding, Donations/Grant Writing, Grant Implementation, Site Projects

Community Sharing & Mobilization

CUP offers Legal health check-ups, Yard Sales, Resident-Led Committees, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Reviews, Ward Meetings, Resident Focus Group, Talent Profile, Police/Fire Safety Workshops, Community Housing Meeting, Community Meals


CUP organizes Bingo, Movie Day, Arts and Crafts, Field Trips, Sporting Events, Pet Visits, Youth and Adult Athletic Program, Movie Day, Bake Sales, Holiday Events.

Student Placements

CUP works in collaboration with post-secondary schools to provide Micro, Mezza and Maco placement experiences that enhance student learning. Our main post-secondary institutions include, but are not limited to the University of Windsor, St. Clair College and Wayne State University.

Students Placement Include:

  • Child and Youth Care
  • Bachelors of Social Work
  • Masters of Social Work
  • Bachelors of Science – Nursing
  • Social Service Work – Gerontology Program
  • Bachelors of Human Kinetics
  • Bachelors of Music Therapy


CUP is proud to work with a diverse range of partners in Windsor.

These include the Glengarry Nonprofit Housing Corporation, as well as: