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Forms Completion Service

The Forms Completion Service provides free assistance from St. Clair College paralegal students to anyone who needs help filling out a form of application.

We can help you with:

  • Social Benefits Applications
  • Medical Benefits Applications
  • Identity Documents Applications
  • Some work or school-related forms
  • Some government forms
  • Some legal forms (within the paralegal scope of practice)
  • Applications for credit cards
  • Memberships, subscriptions, etc.

And many more!

This service operates on Wednesdays from 1-5pm (until the end of August) at the Community Partnership Programs office of Family Services Windsor-Essex, located at 495 Glengarry Avenue.

For more information, please call 519-966-8203 or write to [email protected]

The Forms Completion Service is a partnership between St. Clair College and Family Services Windsor-Essex.