Clients' Rights and Responsibilities

Clients' Rights

  • To be treated honestly, with respect and dignity, and without discrimination, at all times;
  • To receive services in a professional manner from qualified personnel;
  • To receive information about the Agency’s fee schedule at the start of service;
  • To have their personal information kept private (except in cases where the law requires its release);
  • To a safe and secure service environment;
  • To raise issues of concern about the agency, services rendered, or experience,
  • To be made aware of all significant policies and procedures related to the service they receive from Family Services Windsor-Essex;
  • To give informed consent for all services they receive;
  • To know the contents of their case file(s) and to add to the record to correct inaccuracies.
  • To have access to services regardless of their ability

Clients' Responsibilities

  • To participate to their fullest potential in the services provided;
  • To treat all staff, interns, other clients and property with respect;
  • To attend as scheduled and to provide sufficient notice should they be unable to attend a meeting;
  • To pay any fees for service as due;
  • To hold in confidence any information they learn regarding other individuals while at Family Services Windsor-Essex.
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