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Senior Bullying Awareness Program

What is Senior Bullying

Bullying is intentional, repetitive, aggressive behaviour involving a person trying to gain control and power. There is no age limit to bullying – it happens across the life span.

Everyone has a right to a safe and respectful community.

Some common signs that a senior is being bullied include:

  • More physical complaints
  • Depression
  • Difficulties with activities that they were previously able to do
  • Avoiding situations or places
  • Changes in eating or sleeping patterns
  • Expressing a desire to move

Types of Bullying


  • name calling, insults, taunting, pointed jokes, sarcastic remarks, and threats


  • pushing, hitting, destroying property or stealing

Relationship Centered

  • shunning, gossiping, spreading rumors, using negative non‐verbal body language
  • mimicking someone for the purpose of making fun of them, making offensive gestures or facial expressions
  • using threatening body language, or encroaching on personal space

Responding to Bullying

In order to create an environment that is caring, respectful and free from bullying the following is needed:

  • A zero tolerance culture towards bullying embraced by the organization, staff and residents
  • Victims and witnesses reporting incidents of bullying to staff
  • Staff training and strategies to handle bullying behaviour
  • Acknowledgement of residents that stand up for victims

If You Are Bullied

  • Speak calmly and with authority
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Avoid interrupting or provoking the bully
  • Share opinions calmly without hostility or aggression
  • Ignore the behaviour if the bully continues to act aggressively
  • Report all incidents of bullying to staff

If You Witness Bullying

  • Speak up when others are bullied: Bystander intervention will stop a bully 50% of the time
  • Report all incidents of bullying to staff

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