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Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program

The Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program is a domestic violence, court initiative that delivers specialized, community-based, group education/counselling programming to domestic violence offenders.  The PAR program gives offenders the opportunity to examine their beliefs and learn non-abusive ways of resolving conflicts, as part of the court or probation conditions. Through this program, our staff also offer support to the victim(s) of the domestic violence.

How it works:

The 12-session program provides offenders with an opportunity to:

  • Examine their beliefs and attitudes towards domestic abuse
  • Realize they are not alone, that others also face challenges resolving conflicts
  • Become more aware of their own thoughts, feelings, moods and needs
  • Begin to recognize the effect of these in their daily life
  • Understand that they can learn new ways to handle arising issues
  • Learn non-abusive ways of resolving conflict
  • Exercise responsibility and accountability for their choices

Supporting the Offenders’
victim and/or current partner

Throughout the duration of the program, we also provide victims and/or current partners with:

  • Safety support, counselling and planning
  • Referrals to community resources, and
  • Regular updates on the offender’s progress

Eligibility Criteria

Domestic violence offenders who have been mandated by the court to attend


Referrals to this program are required as a result of a court order or probation officer


Participants are required to complete the 12-session program as part of their court or probation conditions.

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