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Income Tax Completion Service

We can complete and file an Individual’s Personal Income tax Return. This service is available for individuals and couples whose income falls below the low-income rates listed below, under Eligibility Criteria.

How does it work?

To use our service:

Make an appointment to review all forms and information by calling:

1-888-933-1831. Appointments are available on Mondays, 9am to 3pm (closed holidays).


Drop off all paperwork and information at our Main Office during regular office hours. We will complete the electronic return. Your paperwork & confirmation number will be kept for you to pick-up once completed.

*Note: Appointments are required for multi-year returns.

AND Bring in the proper forms and paperwork:

1]  Proof of Income and Expenses – to accompany your return

(click here for a checklist of acceptable forms)

2] Signed Consent Forms – to allow us to electronically file the return

(click here for printable consent forms) 

*Note: consent forms available at the main office.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals or Married/Couples who fall below the low- income rates listed here:

  • Single Person with income under $30,000
  • Single Parent with one dependent and income under $35,000
    For each additional dependent, the low-income cut-off amount rises by $2,500
  • Married/Couples under $40,000
    For each dependent, the low-income cut-off amount rises by $2,500

Please contact us to find out more about qualifications.


No referral required for this service.

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Our Tax Completion Service

  • Our Service is available year-round by appointment or dropping off the information.
  • We will prepare and electronically file the tax return.
  • The Notice of Assessment will be sent by CRA directly to the applicant
  • The original forms and paperwork are kept for pick up at our main office.

Our Income Tax Completion Service uses:

  • Canada Revenue Agency Trained and Approved Volunteers
  • Canada Revenue Agency Income Tax Return Software
  • Computerized Electronic Returns
Call 1-888-933-1831