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About Us

Family Services Windsor-Essex (FSWE) is a nonprofit, charitable organization serving Windsor and Essex County.

We provide counselling and support services to help individuals, couples and families manage their daily lives.  We help people deal with a wide range of challenges, from arising issues, to past events, as well as injustices such as trauma, poverty, disabilities, exclusion and discrimination. We provide strategies to resolve conflicts, address personal problems and help people live their lives independently in the community.

Our Goal is to help each person reach their potential as independent, active individuals in our community, so they can:

  • Better manage their daily life
  • Become more resilient when facing challenges
  • Choose how they will participate in the community

Click here for a copy of our Family Services Windsor-Essex Brochure.

Hello / Bonjour:  Our services are available in both official languages, and by interpreter where required and available.

Seated, smiling man and woman, with the man's right arm around her shoulder, and a young woman standing, leaning forward, close behind with her arms on their shoulders.

Family Services
can help you

  • Manage your personal and family issues
  • Manage stress, relationships and changes in your life
  • Deal with finances, independence and housing concerns
  • Get professional guidance and support
  • Connect with services you may need
  • Manage arising challenges as you move forward
  • Choose your own place in the world

Who We Help:

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How we help:

Counselling Services, including:

  • Walk-In Counselling
  • Counselling Appointments
  • Group Counselling
    • Wellness Program
    • Stress Busting Through Mindfulness
    • Learning to Manage your Anxiety
    • Effective Coping for Depression
    • Enhancing Women’s Self-Esteem
    • Cultivating Men’s Self-Worth
    • Women’s Anger Resolution
    • ‘Out of the Red’ Men’s Anger Resolution
    • Married/Couples Communication
    • Parents Transitioning through Separation or Divorce

Employee and Family Assistance Programs (FSEAP):

  • Employee and Family Assistance Programs
  • Corporate intervention, employee training,
    conflict resolution, etc.

Where We Help:

Main office

1770 Langlois Ave Windsor, ON N8X 4M5

Satellite Services

Communities across Essex County

Contact us for details

Hand-drawn map of Essex County Ontario showing the following municipalities: Windsor, Lakeshore, Amherstburg, Essex, Harrow, Kingsville and Leamington.

How much will it cost:

While most of our services are free, there are fees for counselling services. FSWE is committed to ensuring that no one is turned away due to their inability to pay for service. Affordable counselling fees are determined through a sliding scale that is based on household income, family size and ability to pay.

  • Fees may be covered by a workplace Employee Assistance Program, 
  • Fees may be covered by a health care benefit package, or
  • People may be eligible for a financial subsidy (100% subsidies are widely available for people unable to pay)

Visa, Mastercard, Cash and Debit are accepted

Click here for more info on Counselling Fees.


While many of our services are free, we appreciate all donations to help continue our important local work.

Charitable Status: Family Services Windsor-Essex is a registered non-profit charitable agency #130364102 RR0001
Accreditation: Family Services Windsor-Essex is accredited by the “Canadian Centre for Accreditation”

Call 1-888-933-1831