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Community Mediation Windsor-Essex

We can help individuals and families resolve conflicts or disagreements.

Community Mediation is an effective approach to conflict resolution without going to court.

We can help with the following types of disputes:

Disagreements between neighbours, roommates, colleagues, service providers, or contractors

Disagreements between neighbours, roommates, colleagues, service providers, or contractors

Conflicts at school, at volunteer activities, or in the workplace

Disputes between family members

Community Mediation is a collaborative process.

Conflicts are resolved through a safe, voluntary, and mutually agreeable approach guided by our trained community mediators.

Community mediation also helps in other ways.

It helps:

People rebuild relationships

Prevent future conflicts

Transforms the way we think about conflict and each other

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is Community Mediation?

    Community Mediation is a collaborative process where volunteer Community Mediators help people with a conflict/disagreement to resolve the situation themselves through the use of safe, voluntary and mutually agreeable decision making.

    While community mediation helps people reach agreements, it also helps with the rebuilding of relationships, empowering parties to resolve future conflicts and transforming the way they think about conflict and each other.

    How does it work?

    Our process is simple and quick.  If you or someone you know is experiencing a conflict, please call or e-mail us so we can determine if community mediation is appropriate for your type of conflict.  If it is, you will go through a short intake process, then your case will be assigned a team of two community mediators. 

    The team of mediators will connect with all parties to set up a mediation meeting date, time and location that works for everyone involved.  At the meeting, the co-mediators will work with everyone involved through shared, open dialogues that respect all parties involved. Our trained, impartial mediators do not take sides, but rather support the parties in finding a mutually acceptable resolution and/or action plan to address the issues between them.

    Who are the Community Mediators?

    Our Community Mediators are trained volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and professions, including but not limited to social workers, counsellors, paralegals, lawyers, and members of the business community.   This broad group of volunteers allow us to provide the community with mediators who understand the diversity of people’s lives and problems. Our mediation process is ground in diversity, equity and inclusion.  Everyone is welcome.

    Our mediators coordinate a safe and effective process to resolve the issues, without making judgments or offering opinions about the conflict.  It is the job of the mediators to play a neutral role throughout every step of the process, supporting everyone involved to come to their own solutions. The process is not a legal process meaning we do not provide legal advice.

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