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Elder Abuse Response Service

Through our Elder Abuse Response Service, we help older adults deal with neglect, bullying and abuse.

Elder Abuse can include:

  • Financial or property misuse
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Mental or emotional abuse
  • Caregiver neglect or self-neglect

How does it work?

Providing a quick and flexible
response to a request for help

  • Matching older adults with a social worker
  • Listening and learning about immediate concerns of neglect, bullying or abuse
  • Identifying key factors influencing the situation

Providing professional
advocacy and support

  • Providing options, guidance and support to handle concerns of abuse, neglect or bullying
  • Together – stopping any abuse from taking place and addressing other areas of concern
  • Intervening on behalf of the older adult, if needed

Helping older adults to
move forward in their life

  • Teaching how to exercise rights and freedoms to maintain independence
  • Teaching how to recognize arising issues in the future
  • Planning how to deal with abuse, neglect or bullying
  • Connecting the older adult to available services and resources, as needed
Younger hands holding older hands

We can help a friend or advocate
on behalf of an older adult:

  • Respond to suspected abuse
  • Help the older adult resolve a challenge or conflict
  • Intervene on behalf of the older adult, if needed
  • Support the older adult with next steps
  • Connect them to other agencies for support, as needed

Eligibility Criteria

Adults 55 years and older.

Referrals: Referrals are not required, but are welcomed from family, friends, advocates and agencies.

Voluntary: This is a voluntary program. Clients can withdraw from the program at any time.

How Support Services Work

Our Professional Support Staff will

  • Talk privately with people about concerns
  • Decide what issues to work on together
  • Provide advice, advocacy and professional support to manage concerns
  • Connect people with other community agencies, as needed
  • Help deal with any new issues that may arise
  • Help people cope with changes in life

Our Professional Support Staff

  • Can support people as they work on a wide range of concerns
  • Focus on growth, development and independence
  • Facilitate overall well-being and resilience
  • Have a broad range of clinical expertise and real-life experience

How much will it cost?

Most of our Support Services are free, unless otherwise indicated by the specific program. Donations for Support Services are very welcomed. Donations help us continue our important, local work. Make a donation to our Support Services today.

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