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Relaxed Aikido Demonstration Event



When:   Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 1:00-2:00pm

Where:  Aikido Canada, 1089 Tecumseh Rd E. Windsor





Relaxed Aikido classes provide:

1]   Low Impact Exercise

2]   Basic Self-Defense Training

3]   Safe, Group Activities

For trauma survivors, it is a common thing to become detached from your body and lack awareness of how you are feeling and moving. The Aikido classes help to foster a body-mind connection in a gentle and restorative way. One of the first things that disintegrates when you are struggling is your personal health. These classes don’t just help with the exercise piece. They provide a close-knit group of support and tools for relaxation and mood regulation. I see a positive change in myself and others have noticed it too. The effects are far reaching and life-changing” says Rebecca (client)


Relaxed Aikido and Basic Movements Classes

The Relaxed Aikido class provides an opportunity to learn, develop and practice actual aikido techniques with a partner.  Aikido is the art of redirecting negative energy into a positive outcome for all. Partner work employs equal emphasis on practicing performing and receiving the technique.  The goal of Aikido is that through continued practice of movements and techniques, one will gain confidence when reacting to conflict in real life. Gain confidence, improve mindfulness, get into shape, and learn a practical art of self defense.   

The Aikido Basic Movements class is designed for beginners and for persons who may have poorer physical fitness or some physical limitations – as well as for more advanced students to improve their basics. There is an emphasis on warm-up exercises and on basic movements that form the basis for Aikido techniques (similar to Tai Chi). There is also an opportunity to discuss the principles of Aikido, and how these principles can be applied for self-defense as well as in daily life.



More information on the partnership between Aikido Canada, FSWE & SACC can be found here.

More Information on Aikido can be found on the Aikido Canada website.


Clients are welcome to practice within their own comfort level. Classes are open to clients at all fitness levels.
(However, everyone should consult their health care provider before starting any new physical health activity).



Regular weekly Aikido and Yoga classes are available at various times.

To learn more about eligibility or how to register,

please talk with our Reception Staff, or

our Customer Care Department at 1-888-933-1831.

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