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Hon. Philomena Tassi, MP Seniors

Family Services Windsor-Essex was pleased to host the

Hon. Philomena Tassi, MP Seniors visit today

in the Windsor & Essex County area.




Windsor, January 24, 2019 – the Hon Philomena Tassi visited Windsor-Essex today to discuss issues facing seniors in our community. Joining the Minister today were community partners who work with seniors in our area, including:

  • Joyce Zuk, Executive Director, Family Services Windsor-Essex (FSWE)
  • Barb Iacono, Community Programs Manager, FSWE
  • Kirk Whittal, Chief Operating Officer – Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation
  • Anna Angelidis, Executive Director, Housing Information Services & LS Community Housing
  • Justin Lammers , Deputy Chief, Professional Standards Division
  • Jeanie Diamond-Francis, Community Services Coordinator, County of Essex
  • Robert Durling, Police Constable, Windsor Police Services, Financial Crimes Unit
  • Mehnaz Rafat, Program Coordinator, FSWE
  • Tatum Dault, Program Coordinator, FSWE

There was an excellent roundtable discussion on some major issues faced by seniors as seen through the lenses of our local community partners, including:

  • FSWE’s work in the area of Financial & Elder Abuse, Senior’s Bullying and Hoarding Disorders thanks to New Horizon’s Senior’s Grant Program Funding
  • The need for more affordable housing for all ages, including seniors, and housing with integrated levels/supports to help seniors age in place
  • Discussion on income security, as seniors with limited incomes are often not able to meet their needs as they age
  • The reality of elder abuse, and in particular financial abuse
  • Isolation concerns faced by seniors as witnessed by service providers and emergency personnel
  • Lack of awareness as to the extent of these issues and services available to help support/educate seniors

Hon. Minister Tassi spoke about current Federal Government initiatives including: the National Housing Strategy, Poverty Reduction Strategy,  the Framework on Palliative Care in Canada, and changes to OAS age eligibility.  Minister Tassi thanked the group for coming together to highlight needs, trends and also innovative programs, such as the Essex-Windsor EMS Vulnerable Patient Navigator Program and FSWE’s Financial & Elder Abuse Education/Outreach Programs.

We are thankful to Hon. Philomena Tassi for visiting our community to discuss active aging, aging in the community and the New  Horizons for Seniors Program. Click here for the Minister of Seniors Mandate Letter (August 28, 2018). See CTV Windsor-Essex (Jan 24/19 18:20 minutes) for highlights from the Minister’s visit.


For more information, please contact:

Judy Lund, FSWE Strategic Development and Communications Manager

519-966-5010 x1046 [email protected]

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