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Stress Busting Through Mindfulness

A six week psycho-educational group program designed to teach participants to understand the determinants of stress, the different components of stress, the manifestations of stress and the multitude of methods to counter stress.

Each session will include a different “mindfulness” technique or method that participants will take home and incorporate into their coping tool kit. The focus of the group is to enhance the resiliency and overall well-being of participants in managing their daily lives more effectively.

The program consists of 90 minute sessions and weekly topic areas include:

  • What is Stress?
  • Exploring our Sources of Stress
  • How we Experience Stress
  • Stress Management Strategies
  • Action Plans and Goal Setting
  • Mindfulness Techniques (6)

Note: All groups (treatment & psycho-educational) are professionally facilitated.

Please contact Customer Care at 519-966-5010 to register. $20 per session/subsidies available for those who qualify.

And if this program isn’t right for you – or if you’d like to view our other counselling programs – click here to learn more.