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Run For Rocky Legacy Project Donation

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April 9th, marked Run for Rocky Legacy Day in Windsor, Ontario

After five Run for Rocky events that took place in April of 2013 through April of 2017, the Run for Rocky Legacy Project was set up to support Gay Straight Alliances in local high schools and post-secondary schools, fund LGBTQ education for educators, provide support and education for parents who have LGBTQ children, provide scholarships to GSA students graduating from high school and to support local efforts in the LGBTQ community as needed. For more information on the history and funding of the Run for Rocky Legacy Project

On April 9 2020, Nancy & Rob Campana, co-founders of The Run for Rocky Legacy Project announced they will make a donation of $10,000 to Family Services Windsor-Essex Counselling & Advocacy Centre. Nancy & Rob Campana understand the great need of LGBTQ folks especially students and families during this time of isolation.

Positive Space

Nancy states, “As students no longer have the support of their Gay Straight Alliance Clubs at school the feeling of isolation, loneliness and anxiety can be greater than ever for LGBTQ+ youth. As well, with families spending more time than ever together family dynamics may be more contentious and stressful for many. It is with this in mind we realize the great need for counselling and to talk to someone to help ease the anxiety, the feeling of great isolation and hopelessness. As a family we are thrilled that we can support the LGBTQ community during this time of need through funds in reserve in the R4R Legacy Project.

Out of the COVID 19 pandemic there will be a great need to support mental health services in our community and we are happy that today we can help support those increased needs by donating $10,000 to Family Services Windsor-Essex. We’d like to thank all the participants that enthusiastically walked or ran in this event as well as our many community partners that supported us through large donations as well as some who still continue to do so including Motor City Credit Union, Families First and Caesars Windsor Cares. Their donations continue to give back to our community in ways like we are seeing today.”

The community can still donate to the Run for Rocky Legacy Project at any time online at

Statement from Family Services Windsor-Essex

Our thanks and support goes out to the Run For Rocky Legacy Project for all they do in Windsor-Essex, but in particular the Annual Run for Rocky Legacy Day. This year, the changes and uncertainties caused by COVID-19 exacerbate any challenges already faced by the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

During this time, Family Services Windsor-Essex continues to welcome and is here to support everyone in our community through our telephone counselling services. We offer compassionate and non-judgmental support for individuals, their partners, family members and caregivers.

This funding will be earmarked to help the 2SLGBTQIA+ community specifically during this great time of need. To set up counselling through the Run for Rocky initiative the community can contact us at 1-888-933-1831, 519-966-5010 [email protected]. Information on our Safe Space and Counselling Services are available at