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Support Services

Covid-19 Services Status:

Support staff are available by phone for various support programs.

PLEASE CONTACT US AT  1-888-933-1831 or

for more information or to speak with a FSWE support staff person.

We provide professional, voluntary and confidential advocacy and support services to families, individuals, couples, older adults and persons with developmental disabilities or mental health issues. Our programs are client-centered. We provide strategies and support to resolve conflicts, address personal problems and help people live independently in the community.

Our Support Services can help:

  • Handle daily life and community barriers
  • Deal with arising challenges and concerns
  • Learn new skills to manage issues
  • Connect with other services, as needed
  • Take action to move forward in life

Typical Areas of Support:

  • Finances
  • Housing
  • Personal Support Workers
  • Independence
  • Relationships
  • Clutter, Hoarding,
  • Neglect and Abuse

See each service for eligibility requirements and specific services available

Professional Support
When People Need It

  • Services available for individuals, couples, families, older adults, children and youth
  • Specialized services for adults with developmental disabilities or mental health issues
  • Referral to other Community Agencies, when needed
Picture of two young people both facing the front. They are in an embrace with intertwined hands and arms.

You are not alone. Help is a phone call away.

Take action to move forward in your life.

Contact us today or click on a link below to learn more about a specific service.

How do our Support Services work?

Our Professional Support Staff will

  • Talk privately with people about concerns
  • Decide what issues to work on together
  • Provide advice, advocacy and professional support to manage concerns
  • Connect people with other Community Agencies, as needed
  • Help deal with any new issues that may arise
  • Help people cope with changes in life

Our Professional Support Staff

  • Can support people as they work on a wide range of issues
  • Focus on growth, development and independence
  • Facilitate overall well-being and resilience
  • Have a broad range of clinical expertise and real-life experience

How much will it cost?

Most of our Support Services are free, unless otherwise indicated by the specific program.

Donations for Support Services are very welcomed. Donations help us continue our important, local work.

See How You can help by donating today.

Counselling Services do have fees. See Counselling Services Overview for rates and subsidies

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Call 1-888-933-1831